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Auld Alliance Music, Dance, Whisky, Wine


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Introducing the Auld Alliance. Rekindling the fire of the Scottish-French union, two souls from different corners of the world have come together through music and song. Glasgow born Graeme McColgan and Australian mademoiselle Amie Brûlée combine their Scottish and French roots with fine vocal harmonies, ukulele and double bass.

They perform an entertaining blend of upbeat traditional folk songs and beautiful heartfelt ballads from Scotland, Ireland, France, and Australia.

With a passion for folk music, whisky and wine, the Auld Alliance’s warm sounds will transport you across to Bonnie Scotland and La Belle France with renditions of Caledonia, Loch Lomond, La Vie en Rose and Sur Le Pont d’Avignon. As well as offering music, Graeme has been a Scottish Ceilidh Dance caller for the past two decades having run private and corporate events both in Australia and back in his native land. With a fun, inclusive approach the Auld Alliance can host a rollicking ceilidh dance, enticing even the most reluctant of dancers onto the floor. Donning their kilts and blue stripes and singing up a storm, the Auld Alliance serves up the musical equivalent of a good whisky and a fine cheese.

Graeme McColgan

This Glasgow-born musician swapped the dreich drizzle of Scotland for the sunny shores of Sydney and hasn’t looked back. His upbeat, contemporary style brings new audiences to Scottish and Irish folk classics, while his heartfelt vocal renditions of Caledonia and Loch Lomond transport audiences to the shores of bonnie Scotland.

Graeme has performed regularly at festivals and events across Australia since 2021. Inspired by the beauty and cheeky humour of his homeland, his soon-to-be-released debut album of Scottish songs is sure to impart a deep love of Scotland in listeners young and old.

Amie Brûlée

Amie Brûlée brings you a charming blend of original songs and old favourites with continental sophistication and vintage style. She loves to sing joyful songs, vintage swing, French and Spanish classics, songs about food and wine, and originals. 

Amie draws on a wealth of experience acquired in her hometown of Ballarat, travels to far flung places, and an eclectic musical upbringing. Her captivating and delightful performances transport audiences to other times and places with a blend of music, stories and humour. Amie’s music is sure to put a swing in your step and a smile in your heart.



Graeme’s Scottish heritage inspires him to discover songs about his native land. With songs and poems by modern folk artists as well as old traditional songs dating back over 200 years which have evolved over time.

There are many well known songs like Loch Lomond, Wild Mountain Thyme and 500 Miles but also a wonderful selection of songs you may never have heard  such as the old fishing ballad The Final Trawl or Burns Poems transformed into song.

With Amie’s harmonies and double bass these songs can make a room of hundreds feel like they have been transported across the world to sit in an intimate pub in the Scottish countryside with smiles all around and the crackle of a roaring wood fire.

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Wild Mountain Thyme


Amie has long had an affinity with all things French and loves to sing French songs. Throughout her time living in France and years of research, she has unearthed a delightful collection of songs.

From the classic chanson of Edith Piaf and jaunty music hall songs of the early 20th century to the Celtic music of Britanny, French gypsy jazz, and old folk songs, Amie takes audiences on a tour de France in songs and stories.

Amie is also a specialist in French culture, wine and food, and she loves to share the stories behind the songs she chooses with her audiences.

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Pub Folk

Nothing makes musicians feel better than having a room full of people singing or clapping along.

Graeme and Amie have a huge range of songs that, try as they might, people can’t help but join in with.

Be it clapping along to the well-known song The Wild Rover, stamping your feet between lines of The Scotsman or singing along with the chorus of Ye Canny Shove Yir Grannie Off The Bus!

We want people to come away with an experience they will never forget and based on the repeat offenders at our gigs, it seems to be working a treat so far.

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The Fox


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How do I pronounce ceilidh?

It is pronounced Kay-lee

What is a ceilidh?

It is an informal dance allowing people to get together and have a bit of fun. Dances have anywhere from 2 to 8 people and consist of fixed steps repeated until you get it right or fall apart from laughter.

I can't dance, is it still for me?

In the 20 years I’ve been doing ceilidhs I have only ever met two people who couldn’t join in with the dances. Ceilidhs are perfect for all ages ranging from 5 to 95 years old.

We design our ceilidhs so that everyone from dance group members to absolute beginners can not only join in but really enjoy the experience.

How do I learn?

You learn on the night… Graeme and Amie will take everyone through the dance before the music starts and will be on the floor to help keep everyone on track.


Where can you hold a ceilidh?

We’ve done a ceilidh in a marquee with 1000 people to a pub with 100 to a backyard with 30. As long as there is a relatively flat surface with not too many obstacles, we can make it work.

What event would it suit?

Birthday celebrations, weddings, corporate events – really any celebration or excuse for a good laugh.

Most people don’t want to dance for four hours straight which is why a ceilidh pairs perfectly with live music to create an unforgettable evening.

I NEED a do I organise one?

Head over to the contact us Booking Enquiry  form and we will give you a call to make it happen

How do I learn?

You learn on the night… Graeme and Amie will take everyone through the dance before the music starts and will be on the floor to help keep everyone on track.


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Complete a general enquiry form and we will give you a call to talk it all through


Amie and Graeme have many years’ experience planning events from intimate private gigs to weddings to large corporate events both around Australia and back in Scotland.

Whether you need someone just to arrange the live music and dancing or need a more hands on approach on how to design an unforgettable event, they can help.

Graeme and Amie have built but an extensive network around NSW, VIC and Tas of partners which means we can arrange

  • Full ceilidh bands for larger events

  • Bagpipers and pipe bands

  • Whisky and Wine tastings 

  • Specialised catering (themed food trucks to catered meals)

  • Other musicians ranging from solo acts to larger 4-6 piece bands with a variety of styles

  • Sound, lighting and equipment hire

  • Event photography and videography

  • Festival and event stalls for all ages

  • Many many more

“We want to ensure any event we are involved with, no matter the size, will be unique and unforgettable for everyone who attends with the minimum level of stress and anxiety for the organisers.”